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Our story

In the summer of 2012 we decided to take what money we had saved and start a small business. We’ve always loved the mini donuts and had been to several places that we thought could use them. We started very small with just a single donut machine and a pop up tent. We didn’t know how to cook them, what kinds would be good,  what to charge, or anything else. Our first event was the Shobann-Bannock Indian Pow Wow in Fort Hall. A couple days in, a big rain storm came and blew all our serving trays and hot grease everywhere. You can imagine what our next investment was… a trailer. We took what money we made and purchased an ATV trailer and turned it into a concession trailer. From there things got better, we could do things outdoors, we began making new friends, new contacts, and things took off. Each year the business has grown, mostly by word of mouth. Summer of 2016 we decided we were busy enough to purchase another concession trailer and a bigger donut machine. This way we could be two places at once. Shortly after that, well known in the Boise area was another mini donut business, Murphy’s Mini’s. They are known for doing the home games for Boise State Football, and being at the Idaho Center for every event both indoor and outdoor. Murphy’s after over a decade of business had decided it was time to sell and move on. We decided to purchase Murphy’s and combine our businesses. Late 2018, we made another acquisition which was Donut Delights, known for doing the Twin Falls Fair, Western Days, and 4th of July in Melba. We now serve both the Magic Valley and Treasure Valley. Other events you will find us; The famous Haunted Mansions of Albion, Boise Saturday Market, Shobann-Bannock Indian Pow Wow in Fort Hall, Canyon County Fair, Eagle Fun Days,  Boise Fair (Western Idaho), and several others. We also do miscellaneous events year round such as wedding receptions, graduations, company parties, book fairs, school carnivals, birthday parties, and more. We thank everyone that continues to give us support, and all the events that welcome us back!


Our equipment includes 4 concession trailers for outdoor events, and four portable set ups that can be indoor or outdoor. We have 10 commercial donut machines to accommodate multiple events no matter the size.

Try something new at your event. Big, small, indoor, or out, something fun, affordable, and very delicious! Give us a call and we will do our best to make your event the best one yet!

Our first event


In the beginning.......







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